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Unofficial Afrikaans Course Directory

Hello everyone,

This is an Unofficial Afrikaans Course.


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Basics 2:

Basics 3:





Household - Kitchen:

Household - Bathroom:

Household - Bedroom:

Household - Garden:

Bonus Posts

Other Resources

Have fun! :)

September 13, 2018



I really appreciate all your work in putting this together. Thank you! I may have given a lingot or two to show my appreciation :) I would love a Duo Afrikaans course.


Wow, thank you so much! :)
Yes, that would be great to have a course. I'm just waiting till Duolingo decides, and then I'll jump into contributing real quick. ;D

Geniet jou dag! :)


I may try this at some point! Thanks for this!


You're welcome! :) I hope you find it useful.


Afrikaans is 'n wonderlike taal


Thanks, I was waiting for an Afrikaan course. I hope you make new decks:)


You're welcome! I will definitely be making new decks. I actually have a few still waiting to be finished.
Would you like me to post a comment when a new one is finished, or would you like me to edit the post above, announcing a new one?


Ek het in Suid-Afrika gewoon en 'n bietjie van Afrikaans geleer. In die toekoms, dink jy sal daar 'n Afrikaanse kursus wees?


Hi Delphin! Ek hoop verseker so. Ek sal myself gate uit geniet om die mense tehelp wat dit wil leer.
Ek dink nog daaroor om 'n "Contributer" teword. (Om eerlik tewees, sien ek nie kaans vir al die werk nie, alhoewel ek dit sal geniet! Dit sal lekker wees om dit met 'n groepie ander mense saam tedoen.)

As jy sê "gewoon", mag ek vra waar jy nou bly?

Ons het ook in SA gewoon, ek en my gesin bly nou in Australië.


I move around a lot. I was in the Netherlands last year and Brazil now. China next year for a bit and then the horizon is more blurry... I am finishing an agriculture masters (which is why I get to move a lot), and I think I would like to come back to somewhere in sub saharan africa to work afterwords. I know it's very vague as it's a massive area, but I dig all of it so wherever and i'll be happy! Actually I was also thinking Australia/New Zealand at one stage. I love agriculture and languages and I honestly think it's a good combo :)


Oh, that's lovely! It must be great to move around like that.

I love agriculture and languages and I honestly think it's a good combo :)

Jip! Language finds it's way into everything. :D


Well done Dessert-Rose. I had no idea how much work you'd done on this. (Rev Mum just provided a link here to somebody and I checked it out.)

Maybe there is some way to put a link in some more prominent place?


Thank you Davey!

Maybe there is some way to put a link in some more prominent place?

I will have to rely on the links people give each other! I don't know of a way it can be put in a more prominent place, though. :)


I suppose that's the only way? Well, I've got this link followed and will paste the link if I see anybody mentioning a need to learn a bit of Afrikaans. Good on you :)


Aw, thanks so much, Davey! I appreciate you a LOT! :D


Have you considered applying to create an Afrikaans course in the Incubator? I think you should :)


Yes! I've considered it and I would LOVE to!
I will apply soon. Hopefully Duolingo will be able to start the course soon. :D

[deactivated user]

    Hello! Is there anyway you could be my coach for Afrikaans?


    Hi, I would be thrilled to help! The best place to communicate would be here on Duolingo in these Afrikaans discussions. What do you have in mind? :)

    [deactivated user]

      Anything. You should choose.


      Alright. I suggest you ask me what you would like to know. I'm not sure where to start. :)

      To be honest I've slacked a little this past week or so with the posts because not much interest is down (well, besides upvotes), and I don't know if this course is even helping anyone.

      Anyway. Go ahead asking! :D
      Have a great day


      Thank you for all this great work, this has been very helpful! Duo seems to have no interest in launching an Afrikaans course, but it is wonderful that there are people who decided to contribute anyway!


      It's my pleasure, Marina!
      Glad you like it :D

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