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  5. "He is clean."

"He is clean."

Translation:Il est propre.

March 31, 2013



Est-ce que je peux dire 'il est propre' et c'est le même chose?

In English now because there are probably errors up there. Can I say il est propre and it means the same thing?


If you are talking about a river, "propre" and "pur" will be synonymous.

If "il est pur" refers to a man, the meaning will not be the same as "propre". Propre is contrary to dirty or used to mean he has not been on drugs,or that he has not committed any crime... It does not mean that he is pure.


Am I right is saying that pur would refer to pure or clean minded.


Do I have this right? If you send a man to a rehab clinic, he will come back "propre"; if you wash a shirt, it becomes "propre" but if you wash a man he becomes "pur"?


No, still "propre".


It is still not clear where to use" Il est" and where" C'est"?


"il/elle est" changes to c'est when followed by a modified noun.

he is a nice guy = c'est un gars sympa

"clean" is an adjective, so no change to c'est.


Peut-on dire "Il est propre et sobre" as in N. American English?


"Il est sobre" refers to alcohol.

"Il est propre" refers to drug abuse (sportsmen...) but most of the time, we say "il est clean"...

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