"Kateřina is our youngest player."

Translation:Kateřina je naše nejmladší hráčka.

September 13, 2018

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„Kateřina je náš nejmladší hráč.“ should be accepted and it is not. Even though some people disagree, it is still a valid answer. At least in gender-mixed teams.


Czech has different words for the men and women who are in the same role, for example, přítel/přitelkyně (friend), kamarád/kamarádka (also friend), doktor/doktorka (doctor), herec/herečka (actor), majitel/majitelka (owner), šef/šefka (boss), etc.... and, as we see here, hráč/hráčka (player).

Since we know the person in this sentence is (highly likely to be) female, I would expect the female noun to be used. If the native Czech speakers on the team feel, based on your suggestion, that the "male" version is acceptable, it will be added to the list of valid translations.


Thanks, I am actually also native (just curious, how Czech is taught to foreigners) and this was the first solution, which came to my mind.


After some discussion we accepted "hráč" here as the team can be indeed mixed-gender. But in general we will be quite strict in similar sentences here.

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