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"Mereka tidak mau seledri di mi mereka."

Translation:They do not want celery on their noodles.

September 13, 2018



This is the first time I have seen 'noddles' as 'mi' rather than 'mie'. Which spelling is more commonly used?


"mi" is the official spelling according to KBBI.

"mie" is often used, and you often see it spelled like "mie" out on the streets and also as a brand name ("Indomie").


"Pasta" is interchangeable with "noodles" and should be accepted.

Edit: Thanks Lockers001 and Rick392366, it looks like you're correct. I never knew there was a difference.


"Pasta" is interchangeable with "noodles" and should be accepted.

Pasta is something else (spaghetti, cannelloni, lasagna, penne, farfalle, fusilli, etc...).

"mi" ="noodles"


My Indonesian wife says no; they would say pasta as it is a foreign word and not the same as noodles.


Seledri in Indonesia is a different species than the celery that we are accustomed to in the rest of the world.

In Indonesia the celery is very small. It is used for its flavor, in the way that westerners use celery salt.

You can buy "regular" celery in the supermarket, but it is expensive, because it is imported (usually from Australia).


My late mother in law, from Surabaya, spoke of Mie and Bami for noodles. Difference please?


ı m turkish guy and ı never saw seledri and mi on whole my life and ı donno what the hell is mean english now ı have to learn it in indonesian to english nice !

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