"This elephant's home is India."

Translation:इस हाथी का घर भारत है।

September 13, 2018

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इस is used like an adjective/preposition and यह like a noun, correct?


इस is the oblique form of the pronoun यह. That means that when it is the object of a postposition like का, पर, से etc, you use इस and otherwise you use यह.


Does it say this anywhere?


Thank you! I was wondering this exact thing.


I thought it be के घर can someone please explain?


का/की/के is determined by the gender and number of the following noun. It is का if the noun is masculine and singular, के if masculine and plural and की if it is feminine (singular or plural).

Eg: हाथी का घर जंगल में है ('The elephant's home is in the forest') because घर is masculine singular.
हम सब इस हाथी के दोस्त हैं (We are all this elephant's friends) because दोस्त is masculine plural.
उस हाथी की सूंड लंबी है (That elephant's trunk is long) because सूंड is feminine.

There is one more instance when it is के. This is when the noun following it is masculine and singular but is in the oblique case (ie, there is a postposition right after the noun).

Eg: हाथी के घर में घास है (There is grass in the elephant's house) where के is used though घर is masculine and singular because it is in the oblique case due to the postposition में.


बहुत धन्यवाद प्रभु


Thanks for this. As always vinay92 your explanations help so much. Isn't it also the case that के can be used when the thing being possesed is masculine and singular but high status? For example: "ये राज के पिता हैं"


Yes. While being respectful, certain words referring to people are treated as plural even though they refer to a single person.
That is why के, ये and हैं are used as if पिता were a plural word.


Is there any case when (apart from का, की, के), also को is used?


को does not indicate possession (like का, की, के). It is used as 'to' or to refer to an indirect object.


Why is इस हाथी का मकान भारत है wrong?


Makaan refers to the physical building that makes up a house. It can't be used as 'home'.


Why iss not oss oss is only correct no ??


If you use उस, it would become 'That elephant's home is India'.


Can't I say "bharat is hathi ka ghar hai"?


You can. That would be 'India is this elephant's home'.


I write correctly but still it gives me error

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