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Everyday sentences

The course needs more sentences of an everyday nature, rather than science-fiction sentences or references. Make some up. I don't know which vocabulary items are allowed.

ghorgh paw lupwI' mIr?
When does the train arrive?

yaH jaHmeH ra'wI' lupwI' rIt vumwI'.
The worker summons a taxi to go to work.

Hoch buqjaj tach luSuch juppu'wI' 'e' luparHa'.
The friends like to visit the bar every Friday.

neqratlhDaj ghorpu' paq nojwI'.
The librarian broke his glasses.

SIrlIy puq chonnaQmeyvetlh wagh vIDIllaHbe'.
I can't pay for those expensive silver forks.

Real life intervenes. Will post more when I have time.

September 13, 2018



wa'Hu' ram lopno'Daq qaqIHpu''a'?
Did I meet you at the party last night?

reH SIDpu' chu' laj Qelvetlh.
That doctor always accepts new patients.

qaH, ghot 'ar yugh ghomlIj?
Sir, how many people in your party?

'IH Hatlhvam jorchan.
The scenery in this countryside is beautiful.

wIblaw' nImvam.
This milk seems to be sour.

Qu'vam ta'lu'meH SommI' poQlu'bogh yIngu'.
What kind of tool do you need to do this job?

Qapbe' ghogh HablI', ghogh'ot vIDIlpu'be'mo'.
The phone doesn't work because I haven't payed the bill.

SaQ ghu. yIje'!
The baby is crying. Feed him!

'eptaHvIS ghojwI' chuS.
The student eats the soup noisily.

nIHwI' qab ghovlaw' beylI' vumwI'.
The bank worker seems to recognize the thief's face.

jISeDlaHbe' neqratlhwIj vISamlaHbemo''.
I can't drive because I can't find my glasses.

qatlh QeH loD run?
Why is the short man angry?

'angweDDaq tayqeq tIQ vIqraq law' lu'anglu'.
Many artifacts of ancient civilizations are shown at the museum.

jISeDlaHbe' HIq vItlhutlhpu'mo'.
I cannot drive because I have been drinking.

vengDaq DuDevlaHbe'?
Can you guide me around the city?

Hoch ram veng pImDaq Qong 'orwI'.
The pilot sleeps in a different city every night.

reH ngengDaq ghIQ be'.
The woman always vacations at the lake.

DaH ngavmo' jImev.
I'll stop now because of writer's cramp.


SISchugh, wepwIj DaSmeywIj je vItuQ.
If it rains, I'll wear my coat and boots.

waghbe'chugh chab, SoHvaD cha' vIje'.
If the pies are not expensive, I'll buy you two.

loH qachDaq chaw' DaSuqlaH.
You can obtain a permit at the administration building.

Qe' QaQDaq qoSlIj wIlop DaneH'a'?
Do you want to celebrate your birthday at a good restaurant?

chech jupwI', vaj juHDajDaq ghaH vIluppu'.
My friend was drunk, so I transported him home.

not DeSwarDaq yuch yap tu'lu'.
There is never enough chocolate in the cupboard.

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