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  5. "Bude příští vláda lepší?"

"Bude příští vláda lepší?"

Translation:Will the next government be better?

September 14, 2018



What about "next government"?


I meant "future government"


Future is more directly translated it as budoucí, but it is probably possible to accept it here. I will add it.


"Is the next government going to be better" is not possible?


On the beginner level will/is going to be are more or less the same.

On a more advanced level there is a distinction which will be better explained by native speakers. So a native speaker shall be able to tell you if both are possible here or not.

I will just note that courses of English at the advanced level feature tests/exercises specifically aimed at distinguishing these two. Try http://www.better-english.com/grammar/willgo.htm

There is a Czech summary here and elsewhere. Help for English has several articles and exercises in Czech in more detail.


Great, thank you. I thought it was the same.

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