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Bigger Devanagari characters please!

Hello! I started with Hindi and I am extremely happy. Thank you very much!!

A suggestion: is it possible to make the Devanagari script bigger? The letters are already intricate and for me they are very small on the screen of my phone, even though I have a big phone... (I don't mean at the beginning of course, but when the sentences start to come up)

Of course, I could start wearing reading glasses you would say... the thing is, I would need them only for learning Hindi on my phone...!

And a wish: Of course this doesn't change the quality of the course, but for sure the pleasure of going through the course. I LOVE the Duolingo drawings/cartoons, and the pictures are never as interesting or engaging... So, if you use the drawings rather than the pictures, it would make my experience simply FANTASTIC. Of course, this is only my personal preference. I'm curious to know what other people prefer.

Thank you again!!

Paola (my son is Manu. I installed Duolingo only waiting for the Hindi course but he wanted to start with English and Spanish...)

September 14, 2018



Your suggestion makes good sense when you are just starting. I kept having to enlarge text, too.


I agree! It would be good if the Devanagari script was bigger. I have my web browser zoomed in but it would be more effective if it was just larger instead...

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