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New courses (Czech)

I would love to be a contributor to a Czech course, and I would like to know if there is anybody else with the same interest in the same languages. Here are the options I have:

German from Czech / Czech from German

Spanish from Czech /Czech from Spanish

Portuguese from Czech /Czech from Portuguese

(I can contribute to any of the possible courses mentioned above.)

  • If there are people interested in having those courses please post a comment saying so, and upvote.

  • If there are people interested in participating (contributing) in any of this courses, please say so, tell me the courses you can help with, and upvote.

If I reach 100 upvotes, I'll find a way to contact somebody that can make these courses possible (as well as Duolingo).

Thanks for your support in advance!

September 14, 2018



Since it's possible that other people who have applied to make one of these courses won't see your post, I'd suggest you apply for all of these courses anyway: https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply


Good luck to your effort, even though I'm not planning to use these courses (and I am not in a position to contribute).


Thanks for wishing me luck and for being honest.


I think you will gain more support for your ideas in the Duolingo forums for Spanish/Portuguese/German speakers than here in the Duolingo for English speakers forum.

Go ahead and apply, you have nothing to lose. But take your time in your application, because Duolingo sets the bar high for course contributors.


Thanks for your advice.


I have applied, thanks for encouraging me. For now, I've applied to a Portugese from Czech course, and I hope everything goes well.


Czech From Spanish would be great!!

Good luck!!


Good luck learning Czech!


I can contribute (!) for Portuguese. Note: I can speak Portuguese at pre-indermediate level.


Pre-intermediate or even intermediate is not enough, I'm afraid. You need to be pretty advanced to be able to create a good course.


I'm not in charge, I'm just hoping more "important" people will see this discussion and consider the course.


I won't be able to contribute but I would be interested in German from Czech and Czech from German courses. Now I mostly focus on German but I also know some Czech. It would be wonderful to have courses with both those languages. Good luck!


Cool! I was focusing on German until a couple of days ago, now I'll concentrate on Czech and Swedish and probably Japanese. I'm having some problems concentrating with Japanese though...


Oh, so you're Polish! I was in Poland today :) I live 3km from Poland on the Czech side.


I could contribute to Dutch to Czech. The Dutch-Czech dictionary i have is a great help to me.


You have a Dutch-Czech dictionary to? Cool!


It would be great if sombody add another Czech curses. I want to learn German, but it's harder for me when i must learn it from German-English curse as i'm czech native. But i will welcome any Czech curses.


:) I wish I would be able to do something, age restrictions aren't helping.


I will just add my two cents why Czech from German and German from Czech course is important:

The history of Czechia and Germany (and Austria) are intertwined for centuries. It started when the Slavic tribes came from the east and pushed the German tribes further in the west. Our shared history had its peaks and its downfalls, however our present shows that we are neighbours who can cooperate (examples: car industry Volkswagen buying and supporting the Škoda auto manufacture, people from one country going to work in the other).

I'm not frustrated from the sole fact that English has become the lingua franca of the last few decades, though I do think Czech people should consider (and have opportunities) to learn the German language because it is the language of our neighbours and it is in our interest to cultivate the bonds.

If the courses will gather enough interest, I will happilly contribute as a native Czech speaker with considerable knowledge of the German language and culture (if Duo chooses me).

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