"I do not like the renter of my house."

Translation:Saya tidak suka dengan penyewa rumah saya.

September 14, 2018

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I do not like the renter of my house.
Meaning: Saya tidak suka dengan penyewa rumah saya.

Saya tidak suka sama penyewa rumah saya. = not accepted, reported
Saya tidak suka penyewa rumah saya. = not accepted, reported


Rick, I have almost finished this course, and wanted to thank you for your consistently good advice and clear explanations. I have found your comments very helpful.


The first sentence which uses "sama" is not accepted because less formal. This sentence usually said by someone who from Java island. On the other hand, the second sentence that without 'dengan' should correct. But if you want to sound natural, you must add 'dengan'


Why 'dengan' is needed here?


Rick says above that 'dengan' is not in fact needed, so it must be optional. Using 'dengan' seems strange; it's helping me to think of it as "I am not happy with ...'


My guess is that it might be in order to avoid confusion regarding whether this is an active or passive sentence, since the verb doesn't have the active prefix "meN-" and "penyewa rumah saya" could semantically be the agent.


Accepts without dengan

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