"Sekarang hari Senin, besok hari Selasa, lusa hari Rabu."

Translation:Now is Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday, the day after tomorrow is Wednesday.

September 14, 2018

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today is Monday tomorrow is Tuesday the day after is Wednesday...should be accepted as English translation

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    A native English speaker would never say 'Now is Monday .' Today is Monday or It's Monday today.


    It is very annoying you can have the right answer, but used slightly different English word order. There is little flexibility with English, the way English speakers use the language. I will be very glad to get our of this 'time' lesson.


    I am so annoyed with this inflexibility, I will downgrade my review of this app. The only way to get out of this lesson is to write down their version of the answer and get rid of this lesson.


    In English "today" would be more natural. How weird is it to say "Hari ini hari Senin" in Indonesian?


    How weird is it to say "Hari ini hari Senin" in Indonesian?

    It's only weird if it's not Monday.


    I agree. Today is Monday is correct as "now" is not a day.


    I was maked wrong because I left out "the" in the English sentence. Being a native English speaker I think that "the" is optional in this sentence... My Indonesian dictionary says lusa is "day after tomorrow".


    translator. you have lost the theme of the statement


    now here again since this my post, i have become familiar (all thou not much) familiar with speech patterns . I used to wonder about minggu, when is it a week or sunday. hari minggu ans that so now i recognize that days are prefixed with hari. same with prepositions, we dont use them all that much, but indo they are required di sini ke sekolah


    “Today is Monday” was accepted


    Could you translate "sekarang hari" as today?


    Today=Hari ini. Sekarang hari=Now day, which is a bit inappropriate to indicate today.


    In this sentence, the "hari" is part of "hari Senin," not "sekarang hari."


    can i exclude the word "hari"? hehehe


    We would never say now is Monday


    Now is monday? What a weird way of putting it. This bahasa programme is littered with grammatical errors in both english n bahasa + weird sentences. Anyone agree?


    Wow they have a word for 'the day after tommorow'.


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