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  5. "Kdo chce kávu?"

"Kdo chce kávu?"

Translation:Who wants coffee?

September 14, 2018



"Who want coffee?" isn't accepted?


Or "who likes coffee"?


Neither of those really work in English to translate this phrase. For the first you need "who wantS coffee?" to make the question grammatically correct. "Who likes coffee?" is a different question about whether people like the taste of coffee or not, rather than asking who wants to have some now. You may be confusing it with "Would you like some coffee?" (which is a way of asking would you like to have some coffee) and "Do you want some coffee?" which are direct questions and different structures from the phrase we are being asked to translate here.


I got it now. Thanks!


Where did chdete come from? It isn't in my list of verbs.


Chce is the present tense, third person singular form of the verb chtít, which means "to want."

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