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"Mengapa dia tidak berhati-hati?"

Translation:Why isn't he being careful?

September 14, 2018



Mengapa dia tidak berhati-hati?
Meaning: Why isn't he being careful?

Is it necessary to use "being" in the English sentence?
If you omit it, like this :
"Why isn't he careful?"
Would that be (grammatically) incorrect ?
Would it have a different meaning ?


Grammatically, 'being' should be inserted; however, colloquially we omit it. He is careful (adjective) Vs. He is being careful (adverb). As with all languages, spoken English often fails to follow rules. The main thing is to be understood. Terima kasih untuk banyak 'reports' dari kamu.


Aha...okay..It's the difference between adjective & adverb.

The reports, well....yeah, I've submitted a lot (more than 500).
I guess the moderator/contributor team could use some help processing the reports.


"Why didn't she be careful?" is also acceptable, is it not?

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