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Unable to add students to classroom

I have different classrooms in my account for students who speak different languages. I have been unable to add a student to a new classroom I created for a few days now and I dont know why!

I enter in his name. Add him to the roster but his name never shows up in the classroom.

Please help!

September 14, 2018



Are you trying to create a new account for this student, or add a student's existing account to your classroom?


Hmmm. Ok, so after you click "create account", what exactly happens? Do you get an error message, or anything like that?


In the classroom I created, I click invite students. Then I click create account, write his name and click add. I then click create account and it bring me back to the classroom which is empty. There is no error message or anything.

Normally instead of being redirected back to the classroom after I click create account it prompts me to download a pdf but I cant seem to get to that part anymore and therefore it is not creating any new student accounts for me. I dont know why.


Hmmm. In that case, you need to take some screenshots and report a bug - click on the help link at the bottom of this page, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the link labelled report a bug.


I already did but have not heard anything back. I have tried to create his account on multiple operating systems - desktop laptop ipad mac PC .. so I know it is not my computer


Hi avocado1091, I recommend editing this post and under the forum menu, select "Educator". Then, click save. That will move your post to the Educator forum. There is a staff member who regularly answers questions there for teachers using the Classroom feature. :)

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