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"Saya tidak mau semiliar surat!"

Translation:I do not want a billion letters!

September 14, 2018



Kamu adalah wizard Harry


I've been speaking to some Indonesians and they said there's no such thing as 'semiliar', they said it should be 'satu miliar.'


Yeah, thanks to you, I asked my idn friend and she said that she never heard "semiliar". :( why duo?


I don't want a billion OF letters ! why it is incorrect??


You don't put "of" after a numeral like this. You could have "billions of letters", but that's something different.


why is 'I don't want 1000000000 letters' wrong? I thought 1000000000 = a billion


Why are you the lazy egg? Isn't type the word easier than the number though? Language is about words. So don't be lazy to learn the spelling.


i was just asking why 'I don't want 1000000000 letters' wasn't accepted for the english version, as 1000000000 is equal to one billion. i know how to spell 'billion' in english, i was just asking that because in many other courses, the number is accepted for the english version (i am an english speaker learning indo).

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