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"S tamtou umělkyní včera mluvil můj kolega Matěj."

Translation:My colleague Matěj spoke with that artist yesterday.

September 14, 2018



As a non native English speaker I am more often solving English issues than Czech here :) Why "My colleague spoke yesterday with that artist" is wrong ?...


"My colleague Matej spoke yesterday with that artist". should be accepted.


The standard positions for adverbs of time are the end and the beginning of the sentence. Placing "yesterday" in the middle of the sentence is unusual and is currently not accepted. We would not normally, for example, say, "I bought yesterday milk" or "She came on Wednesday to work."


I agree with your specific examples but I disagree that it is not normal to have the adverb of time in the middle. It depends on the emphasis. If the emphasis is on when rather than on what, then having time in the middle is very common. If I am reviewing my recent schedule with my boss: "I spoke yesterday to the Chamber of Commerce. I will follow up with them today. I will meet Friday with labor union officials." I recommend permitting this translation.


Why can't this be "was speaking"? Isn't mluvit imperfective?


I will add options that use "was speaking" to the acceptable translations, since the verb used here is imperfective... if one of the CZ natives on the team will confirm that this would not be a problem.


I think it is fine, I just wasn't sure about the English side, whether the interval does not have to be more concrete or something like that.


Thanks; alternatives with "speaking" and "talking" have been added.


Why "My colleague Matěj was speaking with that artist yesterday." is not correct?

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