Why is there no person speaking High Valyrian?

On spanish, the is a person saying all the words, on High Valyrian, there is silence, and I don't know why.

9/14/2018, 7:24:34 PM

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Because there is no audio (yet). As far as I know, it's planned for when the course in complete.

9/15/2018, 3:56:19 AM

The audio is not yet available. But someone made it available in memrise. Learn the words and pronunciations there and sentences in duolingo.

9/24/2018, 10:27:30 AM
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On spanish, the is a person saying all the words

It is not a person, but a computer generated speech (3rd party library).

It is called TTS: Text-to-Speech

11/14/2018, 8:43:37 PM

It seems to be the case with a few other languages where sometimes someone will say the words, sometimes they won't, or it's just total silence. No clue why.

9/15/2018, 2:00:20 AM
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