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"Nosotras les leemos un libro a ellos."

March 31, 2013



There are various rules for redundant object pronouns in Spanish. Some of them are obligatory and others are informal usage which can be omitted. If they are used, it is generally to emphasize the person or thing involved, like in this case.


Gotcha. It would have been helpful for Duolingo to explain this before giving us this example. But thanks for the explanation.


Yeah, so many words to say something so simple!


I could be wrong but I think you can drop "nosotros" here since it is implied by leemos? I still want some conformation on that from native speakers as to whether it is necessary or if it is usually dropped in regular conversation.


"We will read a book to them" is what google says for this one. how am i supposed to differentiate. "les leemos" and "a ellos" both indicate the same thing.


google is wrong. "les leemos" = to them. and the "ellos" simply clarifies that it is "men" to whom they are reading. If it were women it would be ellas.


thanks! i got the answer right, but i found it confusing. your post helps to clarify.

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