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  5. "Qo'noS luDab tlhInganpu'."

"Qo'noS luDab tlhInganpu'."

Translation:Klingons live on Kronos.

September 15, 2018



is prefix "lu-" mandatory/prevalent?


When the subject is plural (Klingons) and the object is singular (Kronos), the lu- prefix is required.


Please forgive the very basic question, but I came here to ask the same thing as Max_Matthews, but from a different angle: how do we know that Qo’nos is an object here? I (clearly incorrectly) was thinking of the verb Dab as not taking an object.


Dab is, in fact, transitive. It pretty much always takes an object. It means, "inhabit, live at, dwell in". We don't say, "John inhabits at that house," we also don't put -Daq on the place being inhabitted with Dab. So since the place being inhabitted is the object of Dab, we must use the proper prefixes that indicate the appropriate object being inhabitted.

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