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tlhIngon Hol qol'om lIr

jupwI'/ My friends,

tagha' tlhIngan Hol qol'om lIr vIHevpu' 'e' SaSovmoHlaHmo' jIQuchqu'! / I am delighted to be able to announce that I have finally received the Klingon Golden Owl!

"Image of Klingon Golden Owl"

QeD Hevam povqu' luchenmoHta'mo' Duolingo tlhIngan Hol ghom vItlho'qu'! / Huge thanks to Duolingo Team Klingon for creating this excellent course!


September 15, 2018


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congratulations. I gave up in one day



I see you have done a lot of Japanese lessons. Klingon is easier.


Well done! Soon there will be dozens of us, dozens I tell you!


There are not dozens already? Over 200,000 people started the course. It would be nice if Duo would share the number who have the owl. I always wonder how many people finish various courses.


Congratulations Michael!!! I noticed that you are at "regular" level 21 in Klingon! Does that mean that you have finished all 5 "crown" levels?

Personally, I was a little disappointed that a golden owl appeared under my tree after I finished all (crown) level 1 in Klingon, (regular level 9, crown level 62) since I have almost no understanding of this language at this time! (my language learning skills are quite poor! memory retention at my age is at an all time low!......but I keep working at it!!)


I'm not at Crown Level 5 in all levels yet; just until Row 13. My usual pattern with the course is to do a row or two to Level 1, review the vocab using TinyCards until I have them down, go to Level 2 or part of the way to Level 3, and then move on. While reviewing TinyCards on a new row, I do older lessons to bring them towards Level 3 or Level 4. I don't do an entire Level 3 or Level 4 in one sitting; I find the lessons get repetitive so I jump around.

Once at Level 4, if I feel confident about the material, I test out to Level 5. That is actually where a lot of my exp have come from. Without listening activites, there is really no difference between Levels 4 and 5.




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