"Mereka membawa payung dan mantel."

Translation:They bring an umbrella and a coat.

September 15, 2018

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"They bring an umbrella and coat." "a" should not be required here.


English translation a bit odd. As written is saying they (two or more persons) bring one umbrella and one coat. Yet the inference is that each person brings a coat. If so shouldn't it be "They bring umbrellas and coats"


So this COULD mean 'an umbrella and (a) coat" but it could also mean "umbrellas and coats". Does duo get confused if we say the perfectly reasonable alternative of "an umbrella (shared) and coats"?


Why is 'the umbrella...' not accepted?


Because that would be "payungnya" if itd just "payung" it woukd be an umbrella or umbrellas like "i like umbrellas" would be "saya suka payung". But if u need to say it like "bring those umbrellas" then it would be "bawa payung payung itu"

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