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"Mereka membawa payung dan mantel."

Translation:They bring an umbrella and a coat.

September 15, 2018



English translation a bit odd. As written is saying they (two or more persons) bring one umbrella and one coat. Yet the inference is that each person brings a coat. If so shouldn't it be "They bring umbrellas and coats"


"They bring an umbrella and coat." "a" should not be required here.


Also an should not be required. It's still grammatical correct as "they bring umbrella and coat". The horror of English is that it's very flexible.


Sorry, but that is wrong! There has to be an article to introduce the "umbrella and coat" object. In English, we cannot say "They bring umbrella." For singular objects, there has to be an article, "a", "an" or "the". It should be "They bring an umbrella" (one umbrella), "They bring the umbrella" (one specific umbrella; or if umbrella is pluralized, several specific umbrellas) or 'They bring umbrellas" (multiple umbrellas).


The direct translation of "They bring/carry umbrella and coat" should be accepted.

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