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"Politika je dnes plná lží a nenávisti."

Translation:Politics is full of lies and hate today.

September 15, 2018



"Politics is today full of lies and hate." sounds fine to me, but wasn't accepted. Nowadays instead of today would sound even better, but I would think they would be interchangeable. Thoughts welcome!


We follow the rules for adverbs of time presented, for example, here https://www.ef.com/english-resources/english-grammar/adverbs-time/ They do not mention of any possibility to place it after the verb.


Thanks for the reference! English has more rules than I thought :-)


Interesting. I also did not realize we had so many rules. Most of these ring true to me. However, I think it would be perfectly OK to say "Politics is now full of lies and hate." So, "Politics is today ..." sounds only slightly strange. I think it emphasizes the adverb even more strongly than the other possibilities, perhaps because it is in a less usual place.

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