Turkish songs that does English subtitles

Slm kankalar, Continuing from the discussion made by someone else

Tarkan - yolla = Aleyna Tilki - sen olsan bari =

TIP: If the song on YouTube has subtitles but not in English, you can just go to the setting, onto subtitles section & click auto-translate and then select English from the list of languages.

(If you like Aleyna Tilki - sen olsan bari, I recommend 'yalniz cicek', it doesn't have English subtitles but you can auto-translate it as I have explained above :) =

Couple of other songs that does English subtitles - Simge- Yanki = (If you like her, I recommend you to listen to 'Ben Bazen', it doesn't have English subtitles but you can auto-translate it =

Edis - Cok Cok = (Also recommend you to listen to Yalan if you like this song, auto-translate again =

Auto-translate songs that I think some of you would like

Ilyas Yalcintas songs (his voice is beautiful) - Yagmur = - Gel be gokyuzum = - Sehrin yolu =

If you like Feride in the song above, Sehrin yolu, I recommend 'gizli ask' = (this does have English subtitles)

If you're into a more upbeat song, I definitely recommend these: Umut Timur - vermedin = Sancak - Dusun ki =

Ido Tatlises - Sen =

This song isn't quite upbeat like these two songs above ^ but it's good nevertheless

Merve Ozbey - vuracak =

Thanks x

September 15, 2018


if you like rock songs check this out

September 16, 2018

Hi,as a native Turkish speaker i think i must warn non-native people that the auto-translations are all wrong because of the grammar order between English & Turkish and the singers seperating sentences to fit the tune.I love all of the songs that you reccomend but please dont try to learn Turkish from auto-translated subtitles,thank youuuuu

September 29, 2018
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