Estoy and Soy

Both mean I am... so what's the difference and when do you use which one?

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On another discussion thing someone said "How you feel and where you are, use the verb estar" I think.

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You need to understand Ser vs Estar - start here

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From what I've learned, estoy is used for temporary actions like feelings - "Tengo calor" and soy for permament things i.e. "Soy de Mexico". If I'm mistaken please correct me :)

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"Soy" has to do with something that you are. Soy muy alegre. "Estoy" has to do with you being in a place. Estoy en casa. This is the most simple thing.

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Put simply, 'soy' is something that you are always, that cannot be changed. For instance, "Yo soy un hombre (I am a man)." 'Estoy' is something that you are temporarily, and that can be changed. For instance, "Yo estoy en esta casa (I am in this house)."

4 years ago

I don't mean to over-simplify the difference between ser and estar, though thinking that "ser" refers to essential qualities while "estar" refers to conditional is very helpful to me.

One nice example to show their contrast

  1. Jose es loco - Jose is mentally unstable. He may not be before, but now he is crazy and he's likely to remain in the said condition for a long time, hence it's accurate to say he is essentially a crazy man.

  2. Jose está loco - Jose is was stressed too much that he starts to throw things to let his anger out, though he's expected to sober up later (unless he ends up in the first sentence).

4 years ago

There are some that would seem to break the rule of Location/Condition (Estar) vs Essense/Properties (Ser). People's jobs/careers are described using Ser. If i think of more I will post them.

4 years ago

Thank you all this sure helps!

4 years ago

definitely do the ser estar lessons I linked you to. That is one of four iirc in the Grammar section

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Aquí (en España) decimos que "No es lo mismo estar tonto que ser tonto". Lo primero es temporal y lo otro para toda la vida.

4 years ago

If you will learn (ESTAR) using the acronym PLACE and (SER) using the acronym DOCTOR.

Using ESTAR:

POSITION: expresses the physical position of posture of a person or thing:

estar sentado , estar levantado , estar acostado

LOCATION: expresses where places, people, or things are located:

estoy en Nueva York , El libro está en la mesa

ACTION: expresses the result of an action or the progressive

el hombre está muerto , estoy comiendo ahora

CONDITION: expresses health and other changeable states

estar enfermo , estar sucio , estar lleno

EMOTION: expresses emotions such as

estar contento , estar triste , estar deprimido

but one must remember that alegre, melancólico and feliz are considered inherent character traits, and not simply experienced emotions that may change.

Using SER:

Descritption: The dress is blue./ El vestido es azul. , The community is large./ La comunidad es grande.

Occupation: She is a doctor./ Ella es un doctor. ,
I am a school teacher./ Yo soy un maestro de escuela. ,
You are a great teacher./ Tú eres un gran maestro. , They are professors./ Ellos son profesores. ,

Characteristic: I am tall./ Yo soy alto. ,
She is short./ Ella es corta. , You are intelligent./Usted es inteligente. or Tú eres inteligente.

Time: It is 1:00./ Es la una. , Son las dos. It is 2:00.

Origin: I am from Argentina./ Soy de Argentina. , She is from France./ Ella es de Franca. , You are from Italy./ Tú eres de Italia. , They are from Florida./ Ellos son de la Florida

Relationship: I am your brother./ Yo soy un hermano. , She is my sister./ Ella es mi hermana. , You are my cousin./ Tú eres mi primo. , They are my friends./ Ellos son mis amigos.

Good luck!! Have a Lingot.

4 years ago

Ser is more of a permanent nature and estar describes the current mood or situation. Hope is helps :)

4 years ago

Soy is for something permanent. Soy una mujer. Estoy is for something temporary. Estoy triste hoy. Just keep practicing and sooner than you think; it will become second nature to you.

4 years ago
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