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  5. "Ini bukan kucing biasa."

"Ini bukan kucing biasa."

Translation:This is not an ordinary cat.

September 15, 2018



''this is no ordinary cat'' should be accepted right?

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It's accepted now.


Ah yes an irregular cat


How should you say, "this cat is not ordinary"?


Kucing ini tidak biasa?


It could also be "This is not the regular cat" as in it is a different cat than the one that usually comes around at night.


Personally i am getting a bit fed up with this ordinary cat!


This cat is not ordinary - This is not an ordinary cat.


how is it not an ordinary cat


Succinct and accurate blurb for a particular Dr Seuss book


why not 'Ini tidak kucing biasa'


"Tidak" is used to negate a verb while "bukan" is used to negate a noun iirc


Thanks so much for clearing that up for me!


It is the basic nature of all English speakers to use as few words as possible. So "This cat is not ordinary.", is the exact same as "This is not an ordinary cat."

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  • "Ini bukan kucing biasa." - This is not an ordinary cat.
  • "Kucing ini tidak biasa." - This cat is not ordinary.


Please explain the difference of meaning between the two statements.

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The former focuses on this not being an ordinary cat while the latter describing this cat as not ordinary.


You do not know what you are talking about. You are grasping at straws. If you are "focusing", why wouldn't you just say "This cat is extraordinary." Clearly the people that have assembled this course do not confer with native English speakers before that grind out these ridiculous sentences that are clumsy, have no meter, and no common use.

Both English sentences say the exact same thing, and have the same meaning. If you think otherwise, go ask other English speakers. Don't pretend to know what you are talking about by making up a story.

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Different subjects and different predicates. In other words, different constructions. They may mean very similar things but they are by no means the same thing. You are oversimplifying it.


The intent of my question was purely rhetorical. The two sentences in English that you offered have no difference except one has an article, and the other has the article omitted. There is no difference in the meaning. The exercise in the app asked for an English translation. I maintain that either answer is correct.

I did not expect you to actually respond, because there is no difference in meaning of the two English sentences. But instead, you have the audacity to lie and try to sound like you know what you are talking about.

You seem to be the unofficial "hall monitor" here, but I would call you a "troll". You have no official capacity here and no known qualifications to your credit, only that you patrol this area making incorrect statements and pretending to know what you are talking about. Perhaps you should spend more time studying your made-up imaginary languages, like Klingon and Valerian.

Oh, and by the way, the words "a" and "an" are articles.


This cat is not normal is a more common phrase than This is not a normal cat though both are correct.


Goose from Captain Marvel


This is not an average cat is wrong?


Why not "ini kucing bukan biasa"?


Because it is Tiger, not cat!

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