"Líběj se mně holky s dlouhejma nohama."

Translation:I like girls with long legs.

September 15, 2018

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It would be great to have the standard Czech version in the comments for every sentence in this module, just to be able to compare them.


Here: Líbí se mně (or mi) holky s dlouhýma nohama.


The exact usage of Common Czech varies somewhat from speaker to speaker.

For example, I speak Common Czech 95% of the time, but with some reservations. I have a huge problem with using "mně" in unstressed positions, so I would always say "Líběj se mi holky s dlouhejma nohama", and I would often even say "líbí" (=standard), not "líběj". But I would always stick to the Common Czech instrumental plural "s dlouhejma nohama" (standard: s dlouhýma nohama) in all situations -- e.g. "s modrejma autama" (standard: s modrými auty).


Is this whole section dedicated to dialects or non-standard speech?


The subject of the section (a.k.a. skill) is non-standard Czech known as "common Czech". Details: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35769759

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