"Ve středu jsem viděl babiččina bývalého studenta Matěje."

Translation:On Wednesday, I saw Grandma's former student Matěj.

September 15, 2018

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Word order "I saw Grandmother's former student Matěj on wednesday." should be accepted.


Yeah, in the neutral intonation it will be equivalent. I will add it.


shouldn't it be perfective here, ? "Ve středu jsem uvidel..."?


They have a similar meaning. The distinction between perfective and imperfective is little bit smaller in the past tense, at least for some verbs. With uviděl you are stressing that you managed to spot her or that you just saw her for a short moment. Then of course after this uviděl maybe you contacted her and had a discussion... that is not excluded. But uvidět is really to spot someone or something.

I will add it here as a possible translation but it is certainly not necessary.


Cant you say "old student"?


I am native AmE. My take on this is that, yes, people often use "old" when they mean "former," especially in the US. But "old" is ambiguous in a way that, I believe, bývalý is not. So while I wouldn't recommend accepting "old" here, I also wouldn't oppose adding it, if the Czech natives on the team feel it would be appropriate.

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