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"His food is sweeter than mine"

Translation:Chakula chake ni kitamu zaidi ya changu

September 15, 2018



It marked "kuliko ya" as wrong, but I don't see why.


if you use 'kuliko', it would just be 'chakula chake ni kitamu kuliko changu', since 'kuliko' means '(more) than' so the '-a' is unnecessary


Thanks, machieng! I was confused because other questions gave the correct answer as "zaidi ya", so I put "ya" on "kuliko" as well.

Is there any difference in meaning between "zaidi ya" and "kuliko"? (Is it like in English: "sweeter" vs "more sweet"?)


You're welcome:)

They mean the same, but 'kuliko' is more commonly used i think because it's just less of a mouthful

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