"Fruits seller in the fruits shop."

Translation:Penjual buah di toko buah.

September 16, 2018

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i have already reported the unnatural sounding english of this sentence, but just a note here to hopefully expedite the updates to the english language translation...

this is such an odd sentence or phrase, and to make it sound at all natural in english it really needs to be:

'a/the fruit seller [is] in a/the fruit shop', or '(the) fruit sellers [are] in a/the fruit shop'.

note that here it is 'fruit', and never 'fruits'. 'fruit' is a non-countable noun that defines a category of things. it doesn't have a plural as such. while there are rare occasions when you can get away with pluralising 'fruit' to 'fruits', this is definitely not one such occasion. if in doubt, it's best to simply say 'fruit'.

also, the verbs [is/ are] must be included in english if the intention is to make this a complete sentence. the definite article can be omitted for the plural, depending on if you are talking about particular fruit sellers (include 'the') or any fruit sellers (omit 'the).

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