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  5. "Berapa lama kamu istirahat?"

"Berapa lama kamu istirahat?"

Translation:How long do you rest?

September 16, 2018



I think this “how long” needs a “for”.

• How long do you take a break for?

• For how long do you take a break?, or even

• How long do you break for?


"for' is not necessarily needed.
It can also be translated like this :

"How long do you rest?"

However, I don't know if Duolingo accepts that as a correct answer.


I prefer you translation as I have always used istirahat to mean 'rest'. Both are correct, but my dictionary list 'rest' first; and if it follows normal rules, the most popular translation should be given first.


"How long a break do you take" rearranges the words offered by the word bank to create a colloquially acceptable translation (in British English). To be truly grammatically correct though we need an "of" to give "How long of a break do you take".

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