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  5. "Ich mag gute Beziehungen."

"Ich mag gute Beziehungen."

Translation:I like good relationships.

March 31, 2013



I asked this somewhere else, but I wanted to ask here also: what is the difference between beziehung and verhaltnis?


I think Beziehungen is better to describe a connection or partnership (though Partnerschaft is literal for this), meanwhile Verhältnis is to signify an emotional investment, like a relationship. Correct me if I'm wrong, but an example:

Ich habe mit der Leuten Beziehungen.

I have connections with the people.

Ich habe mit dieser Frau einen Verhältnis.

I have a relationship with this woman.


Verhältnis is a neuter noun, and therefore ein does not get the -en ending.


I thought that was the opposite! Please someone clarify this?

I've read this text and i'm still a bit confused: http://www.blogigo.de/noch_Urlaub_und_Fuss_kaputt/Der-Unterschied-zwischen-Beziehung-und-Verhaeltnis/246/


"ich habe mit dieses Frau ein Verhältnis": without quantifier, "ein Verhältnis mit jemandem haben" is about a romantic or sexual relationship. With a quantifier you can get rid of that romantic connotation, so you could have a good, bad, strange relationship with her. (Ein gutes, schlechtes, komisches Verhältnis zu jemandem haben).

The differentiation between zu/mit is important here!


Why "gute" instead of "guten"? I thought that in the accusative case, plural adjectives took the "-en" ending.


There is no article there to express the gender of Beziehung, therefore the adjective must do it instead and is inflected for feminine nouns (-e ending).


But the word used was Beziehungen (which has no gender since it is Plural).


Exactly the same question as Shannon. It is Plural, and I suppose it should be accusative. Someone please!


Conjugation without article

Nom: gute Beziehungen Gen: guter Beziehungen Dat: guten Beziehungen Acc: gute Beziehungen


Taking a look here http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/gut#Declension, I think "gute Beziehungen" is in the nominative case, not accusative.


Such a profound sentence


Please clarify again. The difference between Beziehungen and Verhältnis?


Beziehungen are factual relationships, like a boss or a relative. Verhältnis describe the quality or emotional state of that relationship.


I wrote " i like good relationship". Why was this markef wrong?


Because Beziehungen is plural ("relationships"), and besides your sentence is grammatically incorrect. You could say "I like a good relationship," but that would be ich mag eine gute Beziehung.


I like good ties?????? How can this be shown a correct answer


I suppose they mean that its a tie to somebody/something as in a connection to . something/somebody. Just another very poor English phrasing.


Can anyone explain to me why you would say 'mag' and not 'möchte'?


Ich mag means "I like," whereas "Ich möchte* would mean "I would like," as in "I want."

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