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  5. "This building is a bank."

"This building is a bank."

Translation:Bangunan ini adalah bank.

September 16, 2018



I was taught building was 'gedung'. Is this not true?


I was taught building was 'gedung'. Is this not true?

Yes, that is true.
"Building" = "Gedung" = "Bangunan"

This sentence is probably from the skill "-an suffix".
That's probably the reason "bangunan" is used here.


Ahh i see. Thats fair i guess.

But as for everyday usage, they are completely interchangeable?


Yes, they're (more or less) interchangeable.
An exception could be something like "a tower".
"a tower" can be called "bangunan", but not "gedung".
In that case, "bangunan" is better translated as "a structure" or a "construction".


Great. Thanks very much!


What about "gedung pencakar langit", Skyscraper?


Actually about the use of bangunan and gedung, there isn't an exact rule I guess. Just to be remembered, all gedung are bangunan, but not all bangunan are gedung. Like, you may say a house is a bangunan, but it's kinda weird to say that a house is a gedung. Meanwhile, a department store can be both bangunan and gedung. But for skyscrapers, "gedung pencakar langit" is an official translation, it's like a set already. So for some words, they're already a set and you need to memorize it as a whole, not separately like gedung, pencakar, and langit. For non-formal usage, it doesn't really matter if you say "bangunan" instead of "gedung" when referring to skyscrapers, people won't misunderstand you. But again, it is the official translation so you should use this in formal occasions like maybe a business meeting, or writing a journal.


I am not sure why in this sentence the 'adalah' is necessary. It is left out of many sentences. Is it because of something special?

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