"Alizaliwa mwaka elfu moja mia tisa themanini na tano"

Translation:He was born in nineteen eighty-five

September 16, 2018

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In this case, if I write the words for the year, it is considered wrong!


This also happened to me, in a previous question.


would not accept it written out (with "and eighty five")


This part of the lesson translates 'he was born in 1985', but earlier I was marked wrong for excluding 'in the year of'. This is inconsistent. Do people really say 'in the year of' in Swahili every time they tell someone their birthdate, or do they sometimes just say 'nilizaliwa 1979' too?


In Swahili 'mwaka' is always included


I asked an African friend (native Swahili speaker) and got a different answer today, so it must be dialectal. I'll ask some of my other friends for regional differences. Perhaps it's because she and I are on close terms and Duolingo is more formal? Don't know. At this point I'm sure American Swahili will be its own thing in a few years, since there are so many dialects mixing here. I guess that's just what America does to languages and cultures.


if you're writing the numerical value, sure, you can do without it. In words, 'mwaka' is used. In English it's different because you'd say 'nineteen eighty five' versus 'one thousand nine hundred and eighty five', whereas it doesn't change in Swahili (I'm a native speaker from Kenya btw, born and raised). Even speaking I'd say 'mwaka' before saying the year.


Wewe ni mkenya


Je,unajua kwamba kuna baadhi ya wasemaji halisi wa swahili ambao hawajui matumizi ya lugha yao? shauri langu kwako ni jaribu kuomba msaada kutoka walimu wa kiswahili ambao wanaweza kukusaidia ili uelewe vizuri. Kila heri


It accepted a wrong answer for the year, and none of the options to report the issue, were suitable. I wrote 1935.


30 is thelathini


Hiyo sauti ambayo walitumia katika somo lili ni ya Mchina ambaye anazungumza kiswahili sanifu . Wachina ni watu werevu sana


Stacey, Madonna and way before Nirvana!


Crazy - clearly dl needs to build flexibility here

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