"Mengapa tas saya diperiksa?"

Translation:Why was my bag checked?

September 16, 2018

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the suggested translation feels wrong to me. in the present tense i would say: 'why is my bag being checked?'

or using past tense: 'why was my bag checked?' or 'why has my bag been checked?'


Yes, please report it.

Many of the sentences using the passive voice (di-verb) are translated like this.
"diperiksa" = is checked.

was checked, is being checked, was being checked, has been checked, etc..... are all possible translations (imho)


cheers, thank you. i always do try different variations that i think would make appropriate translations. and i report as many of these as i come across. the more of us who do so, hopefully the more confident the course administrators can be in at least investigating the suggestions.

however it is really good to have the opportunity here in the discussion area to check and learn the subtleties and variations of the language from the indonesian perspective.

your consistent responses and assistance are much appreciated. terima kasih lagi :)


Yes, having a correct translation rejected can be a real pain in the ... (fill in a body part).
That's basically the problem when translating Indonesian into a language that uses time/tenses/singular/plural/etc...
Without context, there are numerous possible translations.
For the contributors/moderators, that's the real pain in their ... (feel free to fill in a body part).
(it can with the same or even another body part).
It's all about context.


I use why is my bag checked.. Is it wrong.


Can "Kenapa tas saya diperiksa?" also be used?

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