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  5. "Anda minta tambahan sambal?"

"Anda minta tambahan sambal?"

Translation:Are you asking for extra sambal?

September 16, 2018



As there is no upwards inflection at the end of the sentence to signify a question, like you do in English, what way can you tell this is a question and not a statement?


The question mark ?

Don't rely too much on the TTS voice.
The pronunciation and intonation is not always correct.
The volume of my computer is set at the lowest possible level, just enough to hear what she's saying, and to be able to report incorrect pronunciations.
Her voice is unpleasant, but that's just my personal opinion.


Ahh mine was a listening exercise.

Generally speaking would you expect a change in tone/intonation if it were asked as a question?


Yes, the tone of a question should be different than the tone of a statement.
When I listen to this sentence (pressing the blue speaker button on this page), the intonation is already more like a question.


Could this be translated as "Would you like extra sambal?"?


i think it's also correct


ahahaha me too


Slightly puzzled why tambahan comes before sambal in such cases since modifier usually comes after word modified. Thoughts?


Literally: You ask extra sambal? Can be translated to Are you asking for extra sambal or Did you ask for extra sambal or just You asked for extra sambal?. Depends on the context.


What is sambal. Is it a Indonesian food.


It's a hot sauce made out of chili pepper and other ingredients like garlic, shallot, tomato, shrimp paste...


my answer was : "are you asking for an extra sambal?" normaly it's must be accepted or not?


should that be "apakah Anda minta tambahan sambal"? my answer, you added extra sambal" was marked as wrong.


When im tired i read andi asks for extra sambal.


Miss apakah to be correct ?

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