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"You are asked to pick delicious food."

Translation:Kalian diminta untuk memilih makanan enak.

September 16, 2018



just wondering if there are any guidelines when to use 'untuk' as it is used here? it appears to have largely been missing from similar looking sentence constructions to date.


It's optional, "untuk" can be omitted here.

"Kalian diminta memilih makanan enak."


Then my answer "Kamu diminta memilih makanan enak" should have been a correct answer.


if so, can "kamu diminta pilih makanan enak" be correct? from what I understand using the "me-" prefix is optional. but am I wrong? or should my answer have been accepted


It is a correct answer, i did


Why is sedap not accepted?


Is there a reason "Kamu diminta dipilih makanan enak" wasnt accepted? This whole leaaon they were teaching us that "dipilih" was to choose, but now randomly "untuk" is used?


dipilih is to be chosen, not to choose. "Kamu diminta dipilih makanan enak" would mean "you were asked to be chosen by delicious food," which makes no sense. "Choose" in this sentence requires the active verb, "memilih" (or "pilih", depending on what you want to emphasize), not the passive "dipilih".


yeah, diminta is the main verb of the sentence, and then what follows (including an another action) describes what is (being) requested of you.


Oddly i just submitted that and it was accepted.

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