videos on youtube in Turkish language and with Turkish subtitles?

I would like to know about videos in Turkish where there are subtitles in Turkish for listening practice. On youtube there are some useful posts put up by Nurcan Akaltun where she has slow and normal speed short stories to listen to and also the text to read. One example is I think these are very good. If anyone knows of other useful material I'd be pleased to know. Thank you

September 16, 2018


I am native Turkish speaker, I highly recommend you to watch cartoons like Adventure Time and Regular Show specially Regular Show because what they are using are daily expressions in both turkish and english . But you should open 2 videos when watching a serie, one in turkish and one in english( or whatever your mother tongue is) . It will help you a lot. Most known words from Regular Show is probably from Benson "Or you are fired!" means "Yoksa Kovulursunuz". Begin with that and Good luck with your Turkish.

September 21, 2018

you ll be pray to me here you go you'r welcome there is english and olso turkish subtitle thoso are very funny and good ı ll give u driect playlist if you have any question or something write here

November 7, 2018
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