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Reporting Errors

Hi everyone.

We receive over 500 reports for a single skill and going over each one manually requires extreme patience and massive amounts of time and effort. Having covered over 60% of the total reports, we have observed that certainly, many of them are helpful and we have fixed several hundred sentences, however most of the reports are of the kind which are absolutely not needed. Below are some examples:

  1. Transliterations - Please use the Devanagari script only as the software is not equipped to understand Roman script for Hindi.

  2. Numerals - please use full number names, like five hundred instead of 500.

  3. Symbols - please use full words like 'and' instead of '&'.

  4. Obvious mistakes - please do not report if you have translated a Hindi word to 'dog' while the correct translation was 'elephant', or you made an error while typing which skipped your eye.

  5. Informal language - please use formal words and sentences like 'Grandmother is not well' instead of 'Granma ain't good'.

  6. Gibberish text - please do not enter text like '??????' or 'Duolingo is stupid' and then report it. (These are real examples that we have received)

  7. If you repeatedly make mistakes in a single concept, say tenses or verbs because Hindi has different suffixes for each case which we appreciate is hard, we encourage you to use this forum for open discussion instead of reporting every single sentence of the kind.

  8. Incorrect Audio - we have tested the audio for the entire course and it sounds fine for all sentences.

  9. Hints and tips - one of our contributors has fixed every single hint manually, therefore, please report only if you genuinely feel something is missing.

As mentioned in the recent course update, a course graduates from beta when the number of reports stays below a threshold for 3 consecutive weeks, thus, please ensure that you only report genuine doubts and suggestions, as it will reduce the number of false reports by several hundred for each single skill, allowing us to fix errors much faster and will help graduate the course from beta to stable version much sooner!

Kind Regards

Duolingo Hindi Team

September 16, 2018



Great work! Thank you for all your efforts.

I'm quite shocked to read that people seem to send in vacuous reports -- this only makes work harder for the contributors and will delay the progress of the course.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. As we continue to fix the reports we have already received, which I personally aim to wind up this month, we hope this post will help reduce similar recurring instances in the future!


As for the numerals, shouldn't it be allowed to type them in English sentences? I understand that they shouldn't be allowed in Hindi sentences. As far as I know, it is usually that way in Duolingo courses. Numerals are accepted in the base language but not in the target language, which makes sense. And in the Hindi course some numbers are accepted in English sentences, mostly simple ones like 1, 2, 100, 1000 but not more complex ones like 205.

Anyway, I think that the course is great and I am glad that we have it here on Duolingo. I hope that it will soon graduate from beta and then you can work on a new version of the tree. Good luck!


Yes, I think it shouldn't be a problem for simple numerals as they get automatically accepted by the duolingo software, however I have been told by the rest of the team to not allow complex numerals, but this is something I can discuss further with the rest of the team!

Glad that you like the course.


I think most English style guides recommend against writing out most numbers, so it's quite unnatural to be writing out numbers greater than 100. The AP style guide recommends not writing out any numbers larger than 9. It would be strange to not be able to follow formal journalistic protocol in composing one's translations. Speaking as a user, it's confusing when sometimes numbers are accepted and some aren't.



Any word on when this course will be released for Android?


A course comes into the Android App once it graduates from beta, we too want it to be released as a stable version soon, hence the above request :)


Looking forward to Hindi on Android. I mostly work on my laptop, but there are those times...


I think there might be an error in the Tips and Notes for the Family section - https://res.cloudinary.com/dtwopb4fp/image/upload/v1537923293/mistake_yrkrt0.png

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