"उस मकान में चार दीवारें हैं।"

Translation:That house has four walls.

September 16, 2018

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Hey! Can someone explain why we’re not using वह here? I Must have missed a whole lesson on that topic!


This is the oblique variation of वह. They are mentioned shortly in the "Food" grammar part at the beginning (Quotation: "However, these are used in few categories of sentences and find no substance in this lesson other than being mentioned." This is one of the rare cases...)


Hey I've seen a couple of quotes like this, where do they come from? This app has only ever given me questions and never lessons. Where are lessons?


There are no lessons as such but on the web version, some skills come with a 'Tips & notes' section. For some reason, they are not a accessable from the app version for the Hindi tree yet.

You can have a look at all the 'Tips & notes' from the entire course here


Thank you for sharing the tips and notes. It's an amazing document.

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Please tell about differences between मकान and घर. Both of the words mean a house.


'मकान' is a house, or more specifically the physical building that makes up a house.

'घर' can also be used as 'house' but it is closer to the word 'home', ie, the place where a person lives. It is used in a more personal way.


Fun fact: "makan" is the Arabic word for "place", which as we know means "house" / "home" in English.

Fun fact 2: "ghar" sounds like Hebrew word גר (\gar) which is a verb (singular present m.) meaning "to live ".


Formatting above is not displayed correctly, should be "\gar\" and "to live \"

(I hope it works this time)


"That building has four walls" also should have been accepted as a correct answer.


Why is "There are four walls in the house" wrong?


"There are four walls in 'that' house" should be correct because उस is 'that'.


Why is "The house has four walls" incorrect? I saw that उस could be translated as "The".


It is the oblique form of वह and therefore means "that" or "he" or "she".


No sh*t Sherlock...


Why use US instead of VUH


For those who are confused with वह and उस: वह = That is, He/she is (For example, वह मेरा घर है = That is my house) उस = In that ___. (For example, उस मकान में = ‘In that house’ or ‘That house has’)


Why that home has four walls is wrong? Only because it is not ghar?


Yes. मकान only refers to the physical building. It is actually used in a more impersonal way than even the word 'house' in English.

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