"Makananmu dibagi oleh saya."

Translation:Your food is shared by me.

September 16, 2018

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i'm a little confused about the precise meaning of this sentence.

does it mean that i share out your food to others, but don't necessarily partake in any of it? that would seem so indicated by the use of 'by me' in the english translation. but it does seem an odd thing to say.

or, does it mean that you and i are sharing the food together? i'm not sure about elsewhere in the english speaking world, but in australia we would say 'with me' and definitely not 'by me' if this is the case.


does it mean that i share out your food to others, but don't necessarily partake in any of it?

Yes, exactly.
"oleh saya" = "by me"
I am sharing out (your) food to the people that are present.
For example, sharing (giving) the food from a buffet to the guests that are lining up.

or, does it mean that you and i are sharing the food together?

That would be something like this :

"Makananmu dibagi dengan saya."
"Makananmu dibagi sama saya."

"dengan saya" , "sama saya" = "with me"


hey, thanks again! that is very helpful and now easier to imagine the context of the sentence.


My reaction was that this was a great way to excuse yourself after not being able to resist somebody else's food.

"I didn't steaaaal your food. It was shared! By me."

Works in my book.


Your correct answer would not be said like this in English.


Why is 'Your food is divided by me' wrong?


Again, an un-natural English answer given. "I share your food" is much more fluent and natural


"I share your food" = Saya membagi makananmu.


yes, I agree with Mal205614. This does sound unnatural for an English-speaker to say, despite the fact that it's technically grammatically correct in English. Not everything that is grammatically possible within a language sounds natural to the ear of a native speaker for that language.


An un natural english sentence.


'You shared your food with me' . Sounds better as an English translation.


That's a translation of a different sentence with a different meaning.

'You shared your food with me' = Kamu membagi makananmu dengan saya.


If you say shared it indicates that it is with the speaker, ie I am sharing your food. In that case the sentence is unnatural. If you want to indicate that the food is bring shared with more than one person then you would use shared out. Your food is shared out by me makes some sense although this passive form is still unnatural.

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