"Kemajuan teknologi sangat membantu kehidupan kami."

Translation:Technological advances really help our lives.

September 16, 2018

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Kemajuan teknologi sangat membantu kehidupan kami.
Meaning: Technology advances really help our lives.

The English sentence sounds strange to me.

"kemajuan teknologi" = The advance of technology = Technological advance.

"Technological advances really help our lives." = not accepted, reported


Yeah i agree the translation is awful. It should either be "the advance of technology" or "technological advances"


I would translate as

Techonogical advancement helps our lives a lot.

Two flaws, help instead of helps and kemajuan should be advancement.


"Technological advances very much help our lives." The expression used by Duolingo is more common in English, but this translation above seems preferable because of its formality. At a minimum, I feel this should be accepted, fair?


Shouldn't we use the inclusive 'we' (kita) in this sentence since the adressee is, presumably, being included in the idea of who benefits from technological advances?

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