"There is a bird in the sky."

Translation:आसमान में पक्षी है ।

September 16, 2018

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Why is translation "Suraj aasmaan me he" allowed but 'Pukshi aasmaan me he" not?


Good question. पक्षी आसमान में है would mean "The bird is in the sky." Hindi sentences typically begin with what is called the topic of the sentence. The topic is usually a definite thing, person or place that the rest of the sentence describes. It's the component of the sentence that the narrative flows from.

In "There is a bird in the sky", "the sky" is definite, and the presence of a bird adds information about the sky. So "the sky" is the topic of the sentence, and when translating into Hindi, it comes at the beginning: आसमान में (एक) पक्षी है।

In "The bird is in the sky", the narrative is about the bird, and it flows from "the bird" to "the sky", hence the topic is "the bird", and therefore this time it comes first: पक्षी आसमान में है।


Thanks. I realised that - not the full explanation which is useful - thanks! but the fact that the original sentence was structured differently.


I mean realised it after asking.


You're welcome!


Nice explanation bro


एक पक्षी आसमान में है। what is wrong in this?


See Zesul's very useful explanation about sentence structure above.

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