"Es ist nicht meine Wand."

Translation:It is not my wall.

March 31, 2013

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I wonder, what kind of misfortune has to happen, so you can say this very sentence.


Pretty sure the rule is that a Mauer is outside and a Wand is indoors. That's what I go with anyways.

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    This very comment from six years ago has made my day. Thank you.


    It could be that they have a wall for posting things. Instead of a bulletin board this person has a whole wall. Or a team of people are painting a room and this person is painting this wall. Or it could be like when my children had a "time out" to cool off or to think about what they did bad, they each had their own wall to go to.


    Said Jon Snow at the end of GOT. ^^


    Wouldn't that be a Mauer like die Berliner Mauer?


    Walking home, you see a young woman crushed by a wall in dark alley. As you investigate, police suddenly appear and start threatening you. "Es is nicht mein Wand!"


    that made me laugh out loud


    Made me think of Hancock Will Smith


    Or it might be an argument about maintenance responsibility between neighbours


    Maybe if someone hacks your Facebook account? There is a 'wall' in the English version, I wonder if it's Wand in the German one...


    Being a politically left-leaning or centrist American citizen living in the year 2018.

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      I am confusion?


      what is the difference between ´Wand´ and ´Mauer´?


      "Mauer" is a outdoors boundary wall. Like a more robust fence made of stone, brick or concrete for example.


      Also remember "Die Mauer" can mean the Berlin Wall ("Die Berliner Mauer").


      Could we also say, "Sie ist nicht meine Wand"? I ask because, as I understand, in German declension is used just as well for non-human entities, as when talking about persons. So, for example we would say "Die Katze trinkt ihre Milch", instead of "Die Katze trinkt seine Milch".


      Der Kater trinkt seine Milk!

      KATze: Female Kater:Female


      Kater is also the word used for a hangover


      As far as I understand it, you're correct. I know that Germans have the advantage of "gendered it's". My teacher gave me this example:

      "Der Tisch ist kaput und die Lampe ist hell." (The table is broken and the lamp is light.) "Sie kostet 10 Euro und er kostet 20 Euro." (It cost 10 Euro and it cost 20 Euro).

      The English phrase is ambiguous, but the German one is not. (First lamp, then table.)


      Seine means his and its. If it's an animal it's perfectly appropriate to say seine as far as I know.

      In your suggested alternative, "Sie" means she because of "ist", so it sounds a bit awkward to say the least.


      No, it has to be 'Es ist nicht meine wand'. I think it's because you haven't specified the object yet, but I might be wrong. Either way, you can't use 'sie' in this case.


      whta's the difference between "that's my wall" and "it's my wall" and what should we write in german (respectivly)? I ask because english isn't my first language and, frankly, i've never ever distinguished between it and that...


      Das ist meine Wand = That is my wall

      Es ist meine Wand = It is my wall

      "It" is used to point out an object or an animal and is interchangeable with this, that, etc. That is used as more specific saying the object is far, opposite of "this"


      That over there is my house

      this is my pen (holding it or at reachable by hand with no significant effort)


      could we say "es ist nicht meine Facebook Wand" ??? maybe?


      Welt hinter meine Wand;)


      When do we put "nicht" at the end? Is "Es ist meine Wand nicht" also correct?


      Why don't we have nicht at the end? I'm confused.


      A quote by Stalin?


      Would "Sie ist nicht meine Wand" be correct?


      Why would "This is not my wall " be wrong ?


      Because "es" is "it", if it was "this is not my wall" it would have been "das ist nicht meine Wand" :)


      I seriously heard "mein" not "meine".

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        Thought "Wand" was a masculine noun?


        Maybe they're talking about Facebook, Twitter, etc?


        Okay i could tag on it,awsomee


        Said Gorbachev to Reagan.

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          Who is Gorbachev... at any rate this is a funny comment


          Would it be wrong for me to say "Das ist meine Wand!" while at a persons house and to commence dismantling it with say, a sledge hammer, to take with you when you leave?

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            I mean... you do you


            Welcome to the show "Whose Wall is it Anyway"?


            No jokes about Trump? I am disappointed.

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              bing bing bong (This is a highly outdated meme and reference, but I hope it satisfies your wish)


              The contract form has to be accept too.

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