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  5. "Máš hodně mladou ženu."

"Máš hodně mladou ženu."

Translation:You have a very young wife.

September 16, 2018



Here hodně is followed by the accusative case. In a previous example it was used with cukru in the genitive and discussion noted similarity to mnoho when used in speaking. Which case does it take or does case depend on something else?


Thats a completely different usage! You can have "many women" "hodně žen" if you wanted. That is something completely different than "hodně mladý" which is here in accusative simply because to have something - mít něco uses accusative.


Is there any difference between 'hodně' and 'velmi' and is there any typical situation where you should use one or the other? Thanks


In these cases please search first, it is extremely likely someone asked the same thing already. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30000987/We-do-it-very-frequently


My bad, I indeed didn't search. Thanks for the link! It helped

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