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  5. "You would feel much worse!"

"You would feel much worse!"

Translation:Cítil by ses mnohem hůř!

September 16, 2018



I'm also unclear about whether there is a rule about when it needs to be the full by ses or by sis structure and when it seems to contract to bys. Again, is it just a question of learning which verbs do what, or is there a guideline to follow?


You must learn each verb individually.


"You would feel much worse!" is translated as "Cítil by ses mnohem hůř!" Would "mnohem horší!" also be correct since "worse" is "horší!" while "worst" is "hůř"? Thanks.

[deactivated user]

    Horší is an adjective. An adverb is needed = less well, so the adverb hůr is used.

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