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  5. "Be happy together."

"Be happy together."

Translation:Buďte spolu šťastní.

September 16, 2018



Be happy together. The correct answer is given as: Buďte spolu šťastní. Is "Buďte šťastní spolu." really incorrect with just this small switch in word order?


It is strange, it stresses "spolu" as if they should not be happy when they are not together or some similar strange implications. I cannot decode what might be meant by that, it is just quite bizarre.


Still not accepted after two years. Reported it now.


No need to report it. As VladaFu pointed out, it sounds bizarre to stress the "spolu" instead of "šťastní", so we won't accept it.


How about stressing that they should be happy together rather than happy d separately? :)

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