"Look at books, not legs!"

Translation:Dívejte se na knihy, ne na nohy!

September 16, 2018

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Would this really be incorrect? "Podívejte se na knihy, ne na nohy." Is the difference that "Dívejte se" means all the time while "Podívejte se" means just at this moment? Thanks.


About right. 'Podívat se' is perfective, 'dívat se' is imperfective.


dívejte se na knihy, ne nohy was wrong because the second --na-- was not used. Isn´t the second--na-- implied?


I have made the "na" optional, it can be said without it. But keep in mind that it's much more common to repeat it. Short prepositions form a single unit with the next word, the word stress shifts onto the preposition and they're pronounced as a single word: /NOhy/ -> /NAnohy/.

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