"Kamu semakin tinggi!"

Translation:You are getting taller!

September 16, 2018

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Could this also express "You are getting tall," something I have often said to a growing child?


Could this also express "You are getting tall," something I have often said to a growing child?

Yes, it's often said like that, but in Indonesian the meaning is more than that.
It's an adverb meaning "more (and more)".

"makin" = "semakin" = "more", "more and more", "increasingly".

Kamu semakin tinggi = You're getting taller (and taller).
Kamu semakin gemuk = You're getting fatter (and fatter).
Kamu semakin cantik = You're getting more and more beautiful.
Kamu semakin dekat = You're getting closer (and closer).
Kamu semakin jauh = You're getting further (and further) away.

"increasingly" (tall, fat, beautiful, close, far) could also be used in the above examples.


Thanks. I was wondering how semakin differed from menjadi. Now I know they are not the same at all.


"menjadi" (verb) = to be , to become.

Kamu menjadi tinggi.
You are (becoming) tall.

Kamu akan menjadi tinggi sekali.
You will be (become) very tall.


Your comment helps a lot, thank you. But why wouldn't this obviously important distinction be put in the definition of semakin in the site's dictionary so we don't have to bother you? Still, thanks for clearing this up!


What I'm confused about is why this unit is called superlatives. "Getting taller" is not a superlative. It's not even a comparitive yet.


If you read the replies above you'll see in Bahasa it is (or at least behaves like one)


No it doesn't. This has nothing to do with superlative.


Why is "lebih" left out? Why not "Kamu semakin lebih tinggi?"

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