"Elfu hamsini na saba"

Translation:Fifty seven thousand

September 16, 2018

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How would you say fifty thousand and seven ? 50 007


Mambo rafiki! I think the same Swahili phrase can be translated as "57000" and "50007" as well. If not, I would make a report.

And perhaps, an option to avoid confusion is to place the word for "thousand" after the multiplier number, instead of before. Then:

57000 = Hamsini na saba elfu / multiplier number = 57 (hamsini na saba)

50007 = Hamsini elfu na saba / multiplier number = 50 (hamsini)

And combining the two numbers, there would be two forms for the number 57007:

57007 = Elfu hamsini na saba na saba

57007 = Hamsini na saba elfu na saba

Here is a good page to test the numbers (written in digits) for the Swahili translation:


I hope it helps. :)


I would also like to know how 50007 is distinguished


does anyone know how to say 50,007?


I would guess: 1057 = "Elfu moja hamsini na saba" However, I am a learner myself. I have no idea if this is correct, can a native speaker confirm or correct, please?

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