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"Credit cards are not accepted here."


September 16, 2018



My confusion is caused by the passive sentence in English where "credit cards" is the subject. In the Chinese sentence, "credit cards" seems to be the object. Can someone enlighten me?


Its separately translated "this place no receive trust use card". So indeed the sentence is active in Chinese.


So, the sentence literally says "This place does not accept credit cards.", right?


I suspect it doesn't have a literal subject. "Here [they] don't take credit cards." You can compare it to these sentences I found on tatoeba.org:

这里不能停车。"[You] can't park here," not "This place can't park cars." 这里无法呼吸。"[One is] unable to breathe here," not "This place is unable to breathe."

I checked a few dozen sentences and didn't see any where 这里 is unambiguously a subject.


I was always told that “这/那/哪” + “里/儿” were interchangeable and matters of dialect (Beijingers tend to add a nasally r-sound to a lot more words). Is there a reason "这儿不收信用卡“ is treated as wrong?


Is there anything wrong with "信用卡在这里不收"?


Second sentence in this exercise about not accepting credit cards .. I wonder if they are trying to tell us something.


They all want cash only


Do the Chinese have something against passive voice?


For a sentence like this, the Chinese way to say it doesn't use passive voice is all. When Chinese does use a passive construction you will probably find the character 被.

E.g. 那棵树被大风刮倒了

The tree was uprooted by the gale.

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